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How we scrap cars for cash

Here at Delta Scrap Vehicle Removal we pride ourselves on how we scrap cars for cash. We are albe to help people by paying them cash to tow their scrap cars. We are also able to safely dispose of and recycle the scrap vehicle. Offering scrap car recycling AND scrap vehicle removal is what we love to do.

Below is a list of how we scrap cars for cash:

Step 1: Before you call make sure you know the year, make and model of your scrap vehicle so I can tell you what it’s worth before you decide to scrap your car for cash.

Step 2: Call or Text Trevor @ (604) 649-1627.

Step 3: Get cash for your scrap vehicle today. We offer 10% more cash than our competitor’s best reasonable offer. We scrap cars for cash!

Step 4: We tow your scrap vehicle. You sign away liability for it. We carry all necessary forms.

Step 5: We recycle and properly dispose of all contents of your scrap car safely.

Scrap car recycling, what it is and how it works.

The car recycling process is pretty simple.

  • Scrap cars are picked up by companies like Delta Scrap Vehicle Removal
  • The scrap vehicles are then safely drained of fluids which are disposed of
  • Once emptied of liquids, the cars are shredded into fist sized pieces
  • Those pieces are then crushed together into blocks which can be melted down into raw steel