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Delta Scrap Vehicle Removal.

Delta, BC Vehicle Removal

Delta Scrap Vehicle Removal offers scrap car removal in and around Delta BC. The owner, Trevor Perfonic, has been recycling scrap cars for over 20 years. His pick-up range is:

  • Vancouver
  • Delta
  • Richmond
  • Ladner
  • Tsawwassen
  • White Rock
  • Surrey
  • North Delta
  • New Westminster
  • Burnaby

Scrap Car Removal That Earns You Money!

If you have a scrap car we will pick it up. We pay cash! That is what we do at Delta Scrap Vehicle Removal.

What is my scrap car worth?

The 2 aspects to determining a scrap car’s worth:

  1. 1. The weight of the scrap vehicle prior to removal
  2. 2. The current price of scrap steel

For your scrap vehicle’s worth, Call Trevor today @ (604) 649-1627

Will you pay cash for my scrap vehicle?

Yes! I will pay cash for your scrap vehicle

We pay cash on site when picking up a scrap vehicle. With Delta Scrap Vehicle Removal, there is no waiting period.

Where can I get my scrap vehicle picked up from?

We prefer to pick scrap vehicles up between Vancouver and Ladner. Delta Scrap Vehicle Removal picks scrap cars up from: Delta, Richmond, Ladner, Tsawwassen, Vancouver, White Rock, Surrey, North Delta, New Westminster, and Burnaby

Why do you buy scrap vehicles?

Scrap vehicles can pose a danger. Scrap vehicles can also hurt the environment. Delta Scrap Vehicle Removal buys scrap vehicles for two reasons.

Scrap cars can be dangerous:

  • Risk of leaking outdated and environmentally harmful chemicals
  • Creation of unnatural and potentially harmful homes for wildlife
  • Invitations for vandalism
  • Sources of dangers (broken glass, sharp rusty metal, crushing hazards)

Recycling scrap cars is good for the environment:

  • All liquids and dangerous chemicals are safely drained
  • They are then broken down into separate recyclables
  • Each different material is recycled separately
  • Materials are re-used for commercial and consumer goods

How do I get cash for my scrap vehicle?

To get cash in hand for your scrap vehicle call Trevor Perfonic now @ (604) 649-1627

How cars scrap vehicles are shredded

Delta Scrap

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Residential, Commercial and Industrial.

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Delta Scrap Vehicle Removals’ Testimonials

Car was located in an underground parking lot and I had lost the keys, got same day service he was able to put the car on dollies to get out, great service.

—Randy in Tsawwassen

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